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Close Encounter with Hermine

So when I arrived in Edinburg, I checked the weather to see where Hurricane (Tropical Storm) Fiona was and she was off the coast of Florida and in no danger of coming close to Texas and therefore I thought I was out of the woods in relation to having any hurricane issues. The local weather had “Rain and chance of Thunderstorms” listed, which is nothing to worry about. When I went into the truckstop, however, I saw at the bottom of the TV screen, a Hurricane and Flash Flood Warning for the area where I was stopped. So it was back to the net to try and find out what was going on.

Seems that Hermine, a fast forming hurricane, had formed in the Gulf of Mexico, just south of the Texas border and was heading my way. Was listed as a Tropical Storm with a chance of increasing to Category 1 Hurricane strength. Since it was now dark outside, there wasn’t much to see, but every so often it would rain really hard and the wind would blow. The “eye” was supposed to hit at approximately 4:00am, and so there was nothing to do except go to bed.

Through the night it rained on and off, and again the wind would blow really hard, but other than that it was pretty mild. Nothing compared to the visions I have seen of hurricanes on TV and honestly I have seen much worse storms in Manitoba. There was still the risk of isolated tornadoes and thunderstorms throughout the day, but the sky looks pretty tame and I think the worst is passed.

Its funny how people react down here though, because the guys in the truck stop were not the least concerned about the storm at all, compared to me, who mildly freaked when I heard about it. So now I can say I have been through a hurricane, albeit a very small one and survived!


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