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Texas to Vancouver and then…..

Wow, been out of touch for a while…my last post was about Hurricane Hermine, and I have done a ton of miles since then. I was still loaded with my Texas load at that time and since then I have moved north. Survived the hurricane, was little more than a tropical storm and I have seen much worse.

That morning I headed to Hidalgo, TX to unload and spent most of the day waiting. There were only a total of FIVE trucks getting unloaded, but it still took from 8:00am until about 3:00pm before I was empty. At that point, I contacted my dispatcher to find out what was happening with a reload, and he told me not to expect one that night and head for the truck stop.

The truck stop was about 15 minutes away, and I parked, went inside for a bathroom break, and my phone rang, telling me to head BACK where I just came from and pick up my reload, they were waiting for me!! Now it got interesting, the place I had to reload, was the highest security place I have ever been into. Guards on the gate, and they gave me a little security tag to prove that I was supposed to be there. I then had to travel a maze of loading docks to find my location and then backed into a really really tight dock to find out that my truck was about to be HAND loaded with office furniture heading to Vancouver, BC. Now anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE driving in Vancouver…NOT!

So now it took them about 2 hours to load my truck, and jigsaw puzzle the pieces into my trailer. They had never loaded a truck like mine before and I basically had to instruct them in how to load it, (can you say the “blind leading the blind!”) 🙂

So after loading it was off to Vancouver…over 3000 miles (4800km). A really nice paying trip, but with a nasty city at the end of the road! My initial destination was right in downtown Vancouver and I took one look at the location on Google Maps and thought “Oh-oh…this is not going to be fun!” I then found out that my actual destination was a little outside of downtown Vancouver, but not by much. The plan was to park my truck in a “parkade” behind the building and unload there, that plan was great until I arrived, took one look at the parkade and access points and said “Nay Nay…that just ain’t happening!” I parked on the street, called my contact and advised him that we would have to street unload because there was no way my truck was going to get into the parkade. I called my dispatcher the next day, he took one look at the location on Google Maps and agreed 100%!

It worked out well though, the next morning arrived and so did a forklift and a helper and after about 2 hours we got the truck unloaded. My only concern now was to exit Vancouver as soon as possible and I was told by dispatch to head back to Washington for a reload on Tuesday.

The border crossing at Blaine, WA is CRAZY! I was in line for more than 2 1/2 hours! Crawling along, one truck space at a time and getting more frustrated by the second. When I finally arrived at the border, the officer asked me the usual questions and then asked me “Where I was headed?” When I told him I didn’t have my pickup info yet, and was just heading across the border, he proceeded to give me a lecture on how trucking and border crossings work. As a Canadian trucker I cannot move freight between states (I know that!), or interstating, and can only move from the US to Canada. When I didn’t have a pick up location to provide him, he accused me of interstating, and told me to prove otherwise, which of course I could not do. He was half-joking with me though, and just advised me that in future, I MUST have proper information, or they could refuse entry!

So now I sit in Ellensburg, WA on Tuesday evening and my Tuesday load did not materialize. I won’t get loaded until tomorrow and then will be off to Saskatoon. I’ll try to update a little more often, hadn’t realized that it had been so long.


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