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Weird Stuff

So here I sit, early morning in Las Vegas, NV with a partial load on my truck. On Thursday, after unloading in Nogales, AZ, we headed north west and spent the night in Eloy, AZ where I enjoyed a visit (albeit short) with a couple of friends. Friday arrived and we then began the next part of our trip. Moving up towards Kingsman, AZ and the first part of our load.

The load is a 2009 Chevy Cobalt and a Quad. Now this may not seem too strange to you, but trying to secure a car and a quad inside a reefer trailer is an interesting concept. The trailer does not have any “tie-down” spots and we usually secure a load using “loadbars” or “loadlocks.” This would not work on this load, so it was time to improvise. We rolled the quad to the front of the trailer and turned it sideways, setting the parking brake. The car was then drive into the trailer, placed in park, and also setting the parking brake. We then set “chocks” all around the front and back wheels and secured those chocks in place using a rope. As a final piece of security, I added a loadbar in behind the rear chocks just to stop them from sliding at all. Part one of our load was complete.

We then continued northwest to Las Vegas, I had hoped to cross the Hoover Dam, but due to construction, that route is currently closed to trucks and we had to take an alternate route. This route took us through a forest of Joshua Trees, which was interesting and beautiful and beyond description. Luckily our load is relatively light, because there were a number of large hills to climb, but our truck handled it easily.

In Vegas, on Friday afternoon, we parked and later today will be heading off to Salt Lake City, UT to pick up part two of this load. I am not 100% sure what this load will be, but it consists of 16 pallets that will be double stacked, so it only takes up 8 places in the trailer. We had originally been told that from Salt Lake we would head to Calgary, AB to unload the back of trailer, but have since been updated.

The next drive will take us from Salt Lake to Iowa. Now this is really strange because it is a cross-country drive with a partial load. In Iowa, we will pick up the final part of this load, of which I have no information at all. From Iowa, we will back track to Manitoba to remove the FRONT of the load (the car and the quad) from the trailer. The logistics of doing this means that we will have to somehow remove all the pallets in the back of the trailer, remove the car and quad, and then return the rest of the load onto the trailer, ready to continue to their intended destinations. The final part of this load will be completed by another driver, because by that time I am going to be taking some much needed time off. 🙂

This load has really given me some confidence with my position within my company. First off, I was given the new truck (remember my 2010 Kenworth), I was entrusted with a trainee driver (who is working out really well), but most important, the car and quad were purchased by the OWNER of our company, and placed in my care, which really shows how the company feels about me. 🙂

So along with pork, produce, electronics, furniture, and other various freight loads, I can now add a car and quad to my resume. 🙂


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