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Not always easy on the road.

Been a while since I updated, so here is the scoop. The last load started with car and a quad in Kingsman, AZ and then we added some oil and air filters in Salt Lake City, UT and then drove across country to add some trailer axles in Orange City, IA and then headed north back to Canada. We spent SIX HOURS at the border trying to get the load cleared, and luckily for me the US Border Agent was in a good mood, because the quad had not been properly pre-cleared for exit from the USA, but she pulled a few strings and got it cleared for me. Then we off-loaded the axles in Winkler, MB and dropped the remainder of the trailer in our yard in Steinbach, MB. The car and quad survived the trip, which was a good things since they were for the owner of the company!!! 🙂

From there I took a few days off to visit my parents. They knew that I was coming, but what they didn’t know was that my brother was flying in from Vancouver Island to help celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary! My kids also joined in and we had a great weekend and dinner at The Keg.

Then it was back to work and I headed down to Hidalgo, TX with another load of pork headed to Mexico. Then over to Laredo, TX for a reload headed to Langley, BC and that is where I am headed now.

While I was getting loaded in Laredo, I got a message from my oldest son that my first grandchild was born, Wyatt Robert Croft joined us on October 8th 2010 at 3:48pm. Unfortunately, for me, I don’t get to see him for a while and that is not easy.

So far since I began trucking last November, I have missed two funerals of very special people, and now the birth of my first grandchild. So, while I get the glory of seeing North America, and visiting locations that I had only dreamed of seeing, I also miss out on some important things. Being on the road is great, and I love my job, but there are other things in life too. I am looking forward to seeing Wyatt when I get back to Manitoba, but for now all I can do is wait and get updates from the family.

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