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On the road again.

Well here I am back in Texas heading to Laredo.  Can’t complain about the weather…about 25C today which is a lot warmer than it is back home…and NO SNOW!!!!  🙂  Started off pretty rough again though.  Had to wait over 4 hours in Winnipeg for the paperwork on this load and then headed south.  Border crossing was weird…barely even asked me anything and passed me through.  Wasn’t busy at all, so he had lots of time, but just rolled me through.

Crossed the scale at Sissketon, South Dakota and got called in.  My trailer axles were overweight by 1200lbs.  They give you 1000lbs to play with, so I got hit with a ticket for the 200lb excess.  They charge 5c per pound…so the ticket was $10.00 but the minimum fine is $170…so the total came out to $180…to be paid on the spot!!!!  No opportunity to defend myself…pay now…complain later!  That is my first fine in almost 1 year of trucking, but it still sucked big time!  Oh well I have put it behind me.  Amazing thing is that I am hauling the same trailer that I have been hauling for about a month, axles set in the same position, load about the same as usual and yet I still got dinged!  In future I am gonna have to pre-weigh to make sure I am legal!!

Driving through Texas today was hell.  On the 35W, which bypasses Dallas but goes right through Fort Worth, I hit a major back up!  Over 50 miles long!!!  Took three hours to drive a section of Interstate that usually takes about an hour.  There was no reason for the backup, just really heavy traffic!  Next weekend there is a NASCAR race in that area so its gonna be much worse…hopefully I am no where near that area when the race is on…unless of course I can stop and see the race!!!

So now I am in Waco, Texas, heading out in the morning to Laredo and hopefully a quick unload on Monday morning.  The place I am going to, however, is really slow and hard to get into so I expect to be there all day!

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