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One year down…. :)

This week marks my first anniversary driving truck.  I started out on my very first load on November 17th 2009 and headed to Baltimore, MD with a trainer.  Since then I have logged over 130,000 miles, traveled through 38 states and 6 Canadian provinces.  I have been to or through many major cities in both countries, including EVERY major city west of Montreal in Canada except for Victoria, BC!  I have traveled (too many times to count) through The Rockies on both sides of the border, in all types of weather.  I have seen thousands of animals, alive and dead, probably millions of vehicles, carried tons upon tons of various commodities, ranging from pork to vegetables to high end electronics and much more!

I’ve been pulled over by troopers (lights a-flashing!) twice and come through cleanly, and been scale-checked hundreds of times, and until last week always came through cleanly.  But last trip got a very costly lesson and ended up with a $180 overweight ticket!  I’ve seen accidents of all types, ranging from single vehicle (unexplainables) to multi-vehicle Interstate closing crashes!  Too date (hopefully not jinxing myself) I have been able to avoid them all!  And some have been damn close due to somebody doing something they shouldn’t!

I am driving my THIRD assigned truck.  My first was a 2006 Volvo, then came the 2007 Freightliner and now I am in a 2011 Kenworth!  This is really the Cadillac of trucks and hopefully (although I have had issues with it) it remains in my care for a long time to come!

Although I have been out here for a year, I am still fascinated by the job I do and still love it completely!  I am amazed at myself as I handle this beast through heavy traffic on the Interstate, or more dauntingly on the infamous 401 through Toronto and area!  My first experience on the 401 was as a passenger in a 4 wheeler about 3 years ago and at that time I swore I would never drive it!  Now I regularly take a 70 foot monster through that area at full speed without batting an eye!

My only complaint about the job is the lack of hometime.  As many of you have noted, I spend a lot of time on the road and therefore away from home.  My wife, Judy, has been along with me on two trips so far, one to Edmonton, AB and the other to Southern Texas and then to Vancouver, BC.  We have another excursion planned for the near future together.

On my travels, I have seen many beautiful locations.  The highlights of my visits so far have to be the Virgin River Gorge in Northern Nevada on the Nevada/Arizona Border and the Columbia River Gorge in Northern Oregon.  Judy and I are planning to visit the Columbia River Gorge next year as part of our 25th Wedding Anniversary trip, and it will be nice to travel that route in a vehicle where I can see a few of the off-route sites!  🙂

All in all, this is a wonderful job and a great opportunity.  And while I value my hometime, after a few days home, I begin to get “itchy feet” and long to get back on the road.  It is great to be doing something that I love so much and look forward to many years on the road.